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Monday, January 29, 2007


I may be able to start talking about what's going on

I've deleted almost all the posts that I put here in the last few weeks because after some thought I decided that they were, although fair and accurate, not in the films best interest.
The film is essentially face to face with the bureaucratic abyss that is the Department of Human Services. I want to make something clear though. I think in general what DHS does is really awesome and some individuals that I have had personal contact with, are amazing people with progressive minds and a real desire to help people. Others however, have proven to be spineless and backwards and these people are making me physically ill. The fact that there are still people living in a major US city that can not distinguish between art and porn, even if it is hanging in an art museum that is part of a major University, shouldn't be shocking to me but it is.
To put it frankly, DHS, under the guise of protecting the kids, has decided to create so many issues with the finished, realized film that they will most likely render the project dead and nobody, including the kids, whose hard work and devotion greatly contributed to the making of this film, will ever legally be able to see it.
This is where we stand right now. Although almost everyone who has seen the film, in and out of DHS, agrees that it is important and accurate and(I might add)a good, moving film, that does not outweigh their fear of any kind of negative criticism towards DHS that might occur.
Ironically, I have to now add, DHS looks absolutely stellar in this film. Their work and it's importance is not even brought into question. On the contrary, these kids are a testimony to their overall success. The reason why this is such a great testimony to DHS is because, in fact, DHS had almost nothing to do with it's production. This is not the clean, sterile pretty face that DHS would depict themselves as if they had made this film themselves. Instead, this is a real honest look at these kid's lives with their own real opinions and despite that, DHS looks great. They should be embracing this film and thanking us endlessly. Instead, they are threatening to kill it which, I am positive, will inevitably ruin the gift that this film could be to them.
I'll write more as the situation progresses. Hopefully, the next thing I write will be more hopeful

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


are we done yet?

ok, so it's a film about kids and art and opening your eyes and hope and the future.

all I can say is when I make my own autobiography it will be called "there's not enough aspirin in the world". enough said?


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