If You Break the Skin, You Must Come In

Sunday, March 25, 2007


WE DID IT! (inside joke)

on March 23rd we showed the full, uncensored version of If You Break the Skin You Must Come In to a full house of the most enjoyable people on the planet!

I was so glad to see so many people come out to something so last minute. It was completely unadvertised but clearly the demand to see this thing was pretty high. from my perspective the night was outstanding and I felt really good about just about everything.

The surveys we passed out on friday were honest and informative and it was was so great to know how you felt and what moved you. Unfortunately, there were not enough surveys printed out for you swarming masses so here is your chance to let us know what you thought if you did not have the chance to yet or if you just want to reitterate it.

This is going to be additionally important for us to help decide what the future of the film is going to be and to try to gauge the possibilities.

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I would love to see the film. The two months of legal hell you went through must have been awful.
I think what you did sounds amazing. Can you update here with what the status of the film is now. I'm in London and I don't imagine I'd be able to see it screened anywhere - so will you be able to show it online (assuming you want to?).
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